i used to know love but now, i have forgotten. i cannot remember the what, where, when, why and how. i lost my flair for this. and now, i am trying to rekindle this love affair.

the note on my wall has a list of numbers, of dates and things to be done. of me succumbing to deadlines.

but, i did not make it. i would like to believe that i am invincible for i did not give in to the discipline of such things. but, all i have now is disappointment and uncertainty.

and so i read.

i read, and read some more. i read of history. i read of the women’s question. i read of the stories of the ordinary people. i read of the struggle of men and women. i read of the martyred and the revolution.

and now i remembered the fundamental question, for whom. and now the what, when, where, how and why are vivid again.

just like how a photograph captures a moment and preserves a memory. the poetry of the lives of the masses, the stories of struggle, of men and women martyred, all these roused me.

i know that now i am again on the right track of love and fidelity. of my commitment to the written word.

i am inspired. this love affair is rekindled [and i pray for the better].


i would like to share this: clara zetkin’s lenin on the women’s question.