In lieu of my Nihongo (日本語) classes. I decided that one form in which I can master the language is by using it, whenever I can, to create a short verse or a simple line. Making a literary piece out of the language.

Here is my first:

くない, です.
[Onna ga yasukunai, juyo desu.]
Women are not cheap/low, but important.

The 英語 (Eigo) or English translation seems less poetic, but it helps in getting my point across. The prevailing character in the three Kanjis is (onna), the symbol for woman. The next character, which is (yasu) is the Kanji for cheap or low (安い/yasui). The third character, (yō) is the symbol used to mean important (重要/juyō). Though the complete characterization for important is 重要, I learned that the Kanji 要 alone is usually used to suffice.